Welcome to Yellow Plank!

We came up with the name "Yellow Plank" as it meant nothing in particular, kept us away from calling it a bookshop or art shop, and was easy to come up with a whole range of bright and sunny images that we could use in our artwork. Since then, however, we have started to find some hidden meanings in the plank, and no doubt we will tell you about them all in due course. We may even run some competitions on the theme, so it's time to get your thinking hats on.

Yellow Plank is primarily an online entity, although we do make the occasional physical appearance at conventions and festivals. We have no intention of ever opening a physical shop, but historically every time we say "that'll never happen" it only takes a few months before plans are under way, so who knows.

For now, please direct all enquiries to graham.guy@invision-multimedia.com.

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Yellow Plank is a trading name of inVision multimedia ltd, a company registered in England as no. 3362214.