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Through the Square Window - Peter French 1
(Graham Guy)

A quiet morning in the English countryside turns to murder, as an unidentified body is found floating at the edge of the river. For Detective Inspector Peter French the discovery marks the start of a case with twists and turns at every step, a case that brings back some uncomfortable memories and forces him to take a long challenging look at what can be called a motive. With time running out French must sort the facts from the distractions and find the killer before it is too late.

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Painting by Numbers - Peter French 2
(Graham Guy)

A fatal accident followed by a suicide seems like an open and shut case for Detective Inspector Peter French, but things soon begin to unravel when new evidence points towards an unusual and complex murder. Why would anyone have gone to so much trouble when the victim had no obvious enemies? What is the significance of the impossible paintings found near the scenes of both incidents? And is an apparently unrelated case from two years earlier connected in any way, or is it just a coincidence? With no motive and no obvious suspects to investigate, French is under pressure to make sense of it all and close the case, before the killer disappears completely.

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Ring of Roses - Peter French 3
(Graham Guy)

When a body is discovered on a building site, Detective Inspector Peter French finds he has to solve two crimes rather than one in order to make any sense of what is going on.

(Description subject to change prior to publication)




Diary of a Dangerous Mind
(Robin Horsham

What starts out as a routine hit soon proves to be anything but routine, as a killer-for-hire finds himself thrown into the middle of a job that will change his life forever. Follow the twisted and unpredictable workings of the mind of a hit-man as he keeps a diary of his thoughts in attempt to make sense of his life.

Contains adult themes and language.

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Science Fiction / Fantasy


Blood Changes - Vampire Sanctuary 1
(Graham Guy)

An ordinary life in an ordinary town is all that Samantha ever wanted, but when her neighbour tries to kill her and she is rescued by a woman who claims to be a vampire she starts to see that there is more going on around her than she had ever thought possible. With a killer hunting her down and unable to trust anyone but her closest friends, Samantha is forced to face the possibility that she lives in a world where vampires are real, and where one might already have changed her life forever.

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Blood Origins - Vampire Sanctuary 2
(Graham Guy)

A year after the events of Blood Changes, Sam is settling in to her new life and is learning the limits of her new capabilities, when a routine check into the unusual leaves Karolina missing, feared dead. In their rush to find out what has happened to their friend, Sam and Rick stumble into conflict with an ancient and forgotten adversary.

(Title and description subject to change prior to publication)



Soldier of the Republic
(Ben Slythe)

Denounced, humiliated, imprisoned, tortured.

Taeris is in the deepest, darkest hole the Republic can find for him. Sent for education and punishment for the crime of independent thinking he is sure he will be forgotten forever and left to die. But then the Republic faces a threat from within its borders and Taeris may be the only solution they can find. After all, who better than a rebel to understand the mind of a rebel? Called upon to save the Republic that denounced him, Taeris is thrown into the front-lines of a desperate war of survival, but survival may not be what the Republic deserves.

The first book in the Republic Series, this is a story of future wars, told by a future warrior.

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