Books, Photography, Workshops, and Art

Yellow Plank is the online store for a small but growing group of creatives to sell and promote their work. We started with e-books, but now many of our titles are also available in paperback form, and we have begun to include photography as well in our product line.

We currently sell books on behalf of three authors across a variety of genres. E-Books are sold through Amazon, and our catalog contains links to the UK Kindle Store. Paperbacks, signed or unsigned, can be shipped to any UK address , or bought in person at any of our events.
Photography is the newest area of this site and is still under construction. Rather than leave it hidden until everything was finalised, however, we have decided to give you a glimpse behind the scenes and watch it grow. Have a browse at our photographers' latest works and find out about forthcoming projects.

Our paperbacks are now available through this store, signed by the author. Please visit our books catalogue to order.

We will also make the occasional appearance in the real world, where you can meet us in person and buy signed copies of our paperback books. Watch this space.

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