The Yellow Plank Podcast

Following on from our earlier and extremely successful film related podcast from The Lacuna Works, we are about to launch a new podcast under the Yellow Plank banner. In it we will cover everything that Yellow Plank is involved in, and more. We will be interviewing authors to talk about their books, their writing process, their inspiration, and anything else we think might be interesting. There will be a section on photography, aimed mostly at beginners but hopefully containing something of interest to the more experienced photographers as well. We will no doubt continue to talk about film and the film making process as we are still heavily involved in that. We will even present short stories, read by the author, sometimes serialised and sometimes all in one piece. In other words, the Yellow Plank podcast will be all about variety.

As soon as it is live we will add a link on here to the feed, and there will be associated pages for each episode to let you know what to expect, as well as providing supporting notes and images if needed.

Audience Questions and Participation

A key part of this podcast will be audience participation, and so we will be answering listeners' questions and replying to messages in every episode. For the moment, the best way to submit your questions is to message us via our Facebook page, but we will be adding other communication methods very soon.


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