Our First Event Back

14 Aug 2021 - by Graham

It finally happened - we had our first event after meeting other people became legal again, and it was excellent! On the 24th July we provided the sound infrastructure for the Herstmonceux Castle Tango Festival run by Tango Boot Camp. It was only two rooms, both of which had a simple PA system with no lighting, but after over a year of not being able to do anything like that even a small event was just about perfect. Dance events like this hold different challenges to running PA for parties or discos, and if you approach them in the same way as you would a regular disco or concert you will undoubtedly miss the mark. The two rooms at this event were playing very different music and the PA requirements for them were very different. In the main room the DJ was playing mostly traditional tango music, largely [read more...]

Jivebeat Radio

26 Aug 2020 - by Graham

One of the projects that I started during lockdown was to set up a small internet radio station to keep people connected to the music and to their dance classes. This was initially just aimed at the people who already danced with us at Tangosynthesis, and I would play the music that they knew from our XTango events and from our earlier LeRoc freestyles. I was not expecting big audiences, but if it could help a few people who were stuck at home missing the dancing then I would be more than happy to call that a success. When I started the radio station I assumed that it would only last as long as lockdown, and then as restrictions ended and things began to return to normal I would slowly start to phase it out. But the shows have proven to be surprisingly popular, especially considering that I have [read more...]

Twenty-Twenty Vision

11 Aug 2020 - by Graham

Well that didn’t go quite according to plan. I’ve not written any blog posts or published much anywhere this year because honestly, what was the point? There was nothing to talk about and no real clue when things might change, so I just kept quiet and got on with the projects that have been accumulating in my workshop. And anyway, with no tango and no events happening anywhere I was not really in the mood to be talking about that sort of thing. But at long last it seems that life is starting to move again, so it’s time for me to start talking about what I’ve been up to during lockdown and what we can look forward to over the next year. For the last few years the mainstay of our business has been from dance events, tango festivals, local music festivals, vintage fairs, and other [read more...]

The Industry and COVID-19

26 May 2020 - by Graham

We had big plans at the start of 2020. From September last year we began a programme of upgrades to our equipment, replacing a lot of our old front-line analogue gear with new digital systems and streamlining our setup processes so we could work faster and smarter. We went through all our cables and tested everything thoroughly so there would be no surprises when we got on the road, and we bought new cases for amplifiers and other near-stage equipment to make them easier to set up and to give anything that is visible to the audience a more consistent and pleasing look. By February we were ready to go, and we had started to book exciting events throughout the year with international bands, new venues, charity events... Then the pandemic hit and everything stopped. We are lucky in that our storage costs are minimal and we financed the [read more...]

Subwoofers Explained

09 Mar 2020 - by Graham

At the bottom of every speaker stack, under every stage, and tucked in the corner of every hi-fi enthusiast's room, you will usually find one or more subwoofers. These large box-like speakers are a recognisable feature of every PA system and at every disco or nightclub with a good sound you will hear someone at the bar declaring that the place has "great subs!" to anyone who will listen. Subwoofers are apparently an integral part of any sound reinforcement or PA system, but do you always need them? And if you do, what is the best way to set them up? Subwoofers are speakers that are specifically designed to reproduce extra low frequencies towards the bottom end of the audio spectrum, generally somewhere below 100Hz. This frequency range includes the kick drum, the bass guitar, synthesised low notes from keyboards, and all the other instruments and effects that [read more...]

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